Austrian Native Political Traitor & Fraudulent Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals  he lives life in daily denial with NO conscience. Political Actor Schwarzenegger while Governor couldn’t even utter the word FIRED, a total coward. Schwarzenegger directly violated my Constitutional Rights to a jury trial along with treasonous two time political election fraudster Governor Jerry Brown.  TREASON RUNS THIS TRAITOR NATION!

Schwarzenegger and Brown both deserve to be ARRESTED.  I subpoenaed them both to a jury trial in 2008 where I have a fraud ruling against Attorney Eileen Avila.  Instead these two pathetic evil inhumane morons aided corruption of the State Bar of California, First Mercury Insurance Co., Richard Smith, CEO, now owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings and defense counsel Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker.  It is questionable if both of them took payoffs to aid this corruption? They also colluded with crooked 30 plus year District Attorney James Fox and his son County Attorney Timothy Fox.   It is unreal in 2016 James Fox is now Head of the State Bar of California.  Instead these two pathetic false leaders forced me into poverty while they knew I was blatantly defrauded plus brutality assaulted and victimized by judge gang members in black robes and others. I’ve continually paid the price of this crime and their inhumane harm from lacking authority, cause NO ONE, NOT EVEN THE U.S. MILITARY IS AN AUTHORITY IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.  Meanwhile crooks sit free to terrorize and harm other residents in San Mateo Superior Court, The State of California and this crime went to a Supreme Court in the State of New York.  ALL STATES CAPITALS & COURTS are major crime scenes, many American families are victimized daily.

In 2009, I wrote a letter questioning if Schwarzenegger had psychological issues from his steroid usage (during baseball steroid investigations) since he was in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights.  Schwarzenegger colluded and aided this heinous crime where I am a Fraud on the Court crime victim.  That letter lead to a U.S. Marshal contacting me from the fraudulent, DEFACTO sadistic pathological liar Obama Administration.  At that same time myself and another advocate exposed a total of seven corrupt cases of Commissioner Richard Dubois.  Obama and all U.S. Politicians are a tragic disgrace to all Americans, they represent NO American.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is replacing Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.   President Donald Trump should halt the airing of this show immediately, information about this was previously provided to Kellyanne Conway’s husband Attorney George Conway. During the 2012 Election Fraud of  President Obama, NBC & MSNBC besides countless other media colluded and covered-up the horrors which aided greater harm to me and countless other American families. Obama is a tremendous usurper of mainstream media for his own fraudulent theatrical puppet promotes.  An American Holocaust  exists in U.S. Courts from the usurped traitor government in operation.  Statutory Law operates under the foreign DEFACTO corporate governance that violates the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land and Common Law.  Rights and laws of Americans are violated as under the guise of this DICTATORSHIP TRAITOR NATION. NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS EXISTS, a right as under the 1st Amendment. Millions of homes have blatantly been stolen in one of the largest fraudulent land grabs. Extreme 4th Amendment Rights violations occurred to aid the crimes and monetization schemes in County/States by the Federal Government along with the Federal Reserve/IMF, BAR Associations, Attorneys, Judges, Bankers etc. AMERICANS USED AS PAWNS TO STEAL PRIVATE PROPERTY & DESTROY FAMILIES LIVES!

Donald Trump please inform Schwarzenegger he is FIRED.  Halt the Celebrity Apprentice and the fraud of NBC & MSNBC plus the cover-ups in existence that harms millions of Americans lives daily. The fraud perpetrated by Governor Jerry Brown, Governor Andrew Cuomo and all the NO JURISDICTIONAL jackass Attorney Generals is off the charts.  Attorney General Kamala Harris committed election fraud in her Senate 2016 Campaign, she has violated my rights for years.  Election fraud is an epidemic along with the pathological liars, psychopaths and sociopaths these heinous individuals are.  These treasonous traitors represent NO American, it is all honest service fraud.  They DO NOT POLICE their own crooked and terroristic employees. Under 8 years of Obama, Sheriffs and police are still more busy stealing homes instead of defending and protecting residents rights in communities. Some practice International Law, they DO NOT ADHERE to the U.S. Constitution.  Many deserve to be FIRED & ARRESTED on the government payrolls.

New York, Attorney General Schneiderman’s attempt to hold Trump up in an investigation is a joke.  Schneiderman and Cuomo are two of the biggest crooks. I’m personally aware of how Cuomo, Schneiderman, Heastie and countless others aid terrorism on their own fraudulent payrolls. In Ulster County, New York I’ve literally had the Head County Clerk Nina Postupack and her 2nd in Command Sister, Alice Lawlis alter my identity and private property address for Cuomo’s coiffer’s along with Thomas Jackson, a major crooked tax collector, etc., a volunteer firemen and others.  The whole County is run by a den of thieves, their schemes endless.  This crime came to New York from California due to SCHWARZENEGGER & BROWN’S INABILITY TO BE LEADERS. Attorney General Kamala Harris has terrorized me for years in both States, etc., she is NO leader.  Their inhumane criminal insanity and rights violating treasonous operations reveal only TRAITORS! YOUR ARE ALL FIRED!




Prior to the 2016 election full of fraud, election fraud has been an epidemic for years. I bashed a few individuals directly on their own FB whom have violated my rights for years and committed election fraud again. Other victims of Court corruption did too especially of Attorney General Kamala Harris. FACEBOOK aids election fraud.  NO U.S. Politician should be able to promote themselves on any social media especially since they lie and defraud the public at large such as Obama, Governors, Attorney Generals, etc.   These are FAKE NEWS promotes besides their deception to mainstream media. My FB page has NOT been accessible to me since prior to the 2016 election results, though FB friends can still see my actual FB Page.   I learned that the usurper of my FB page has created another FB page using segments of my actual writings on this blog. They tie my  stories to many big usurpers and traitors operating in the U.S. Government such as the Vatican, Freemasons, etc. with photos.

What is of most interest they begin it with a statement that I AM NOT ONLINE and my info can be viewed at or my blog at

I did contribute my writings to the U.S. Independent beginning in January 2014 for a few months.  At this time I exposed the corruption of Governor Chris Christie, HUD and other predators violating the rights of Hurricane Sandy victims and employees at  I am an employee Whistleblower on that terroristic program.  All disaster programs are riddled in foreign and domestic terrorism. Bashing DEFACTO Obama, Congress and the U.S. Military were other topics discussed. The U.S. Independent posted photos of Christie, etc. on their more professional news service which was awesome.  Many wonderful journalists shared other commentary.

Later in 2014, issues arose to phase out  The U.S. Independent.  I allege this was a cover-up to allow crooked Governor Chris Christie a run for President in the 2016 election and he also joined the ranks as Donald Trump’s, sidekick. Christie committed election fraud in 2013 while he committed serious acts of terrorism, Bridgegate does NOT compare. I allege either the U.S. Independent was purchased or they were requested to shut  down due to producing TRUTH media that the U.S. Government did NOT want exposed at the time.  Mainstream media has been deplorable for countless years, they aided an American Holocaust due to their cover-ups and collusion with DEFACTO Government operations and fraudulent elections.  The U.S. Independent website was eventually shutdown in entirety.  The only remaining aspect that I am aware of is an interview done with Cancel the Cabal, Stephen Roberts, myself and Susanne Posel, Founder/Chief Editor of The U.S. Independent.  The interview is posted on Cancel the Cabal and on my website

This matter is being taken up with FACEBOOK and U.S. Government officials. Did FACEBOOK purchase The U.S. Independent are they the usurper, a hacker or who?  I question if the U.S. Independent’s articles will be brought back up to display stories from that time period when this heinous sham is exposed to all Americans and the World.

FACEBOOK, the U.S. Government, or any other entity altering my presence on FB is a disgrace and a serious violation of my privacy rights besides piracy. Altering my identity and designated FB page will be brought up to FB corporate governance and charges may be filed with the S.E.C. and shareholders if NOT corrected immediately. I expect this agenda with photos NOT authorized to be produced with my journalism be brought down NOW.   ALL GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS, POLTICIANS, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, ETC. SHOULD BE BANNED FROM FACEBOOK & OTHER INTERNET MEDIA DUE TO ELECTION FRAUD, PROMOTING TRAITOR GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS & VIOLATING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

Cheryl A. Kennedy










It’s tragic enough that mainstream media is usurped and colludes with a foreign DEFACTO traitor government to violate free press, promotes election fraud for their own gain and aids an American Holocaust. President Obama is another major usurper that falsely prohibits FREE PRESS. Their is NO FREE PRESS in the United States of America propaganda mainstream media machine. The cover-ups and falsehoods must end. Obama “GOD ALMIGHTY” is NOT welcome back on these shores since he continually aids the DEFACTO government and violates American rights.

Facebook also colludes tremendously with the U.S. Government to violate Americans rights.  Facebook shares information of users plus colludes to gain access of emails from other internet sources without permission.  Facebook has shown their true colors in aiding election fraud in 2016. NO U.S. Politician has any right to violate any Americans rights but Facebook rather protect political election fraudsters such as Attorney General Kamala Harris and her fraudulent Senate campaign. Kamala Harris MUST NEVER hold any other public office again she also defrauded all candidates in both of her elections while she personally violated my rights as under the U.S. Constitution besides other California residents. Harris is the biggest kiss ass of lying fraud President Obama and countless other governmental actors.

President Obama has downplayed and covered-up the severity of problems that exist in the United States for 8 years, especially in U.S. Courts.  TRUTH & JUSTICE are true failures for Obama since he himself preys upon American families lives daily.  Obama has personally violated my rights for years with his heinous cover-ups, fully aware of my subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown in 2008 due to immense corruption at San Mateo Superior Court after I received a fraud ruling of an attorney cause NO oversight existed in the State or in D.C. His continued reckless repulsive harm to me and many other American victims lives is deplorable. Obama is so busy parading around his bullshit false rule of law when laws and rights of the American people are greatly violated as under the U.S. Constitution.  Meanwhile abuse of power, obstruction of justice by Obama, U.S. Congress, U.S. Judiciary the U.S. Military continue to aid a criminal terroristic DEFACTO government within every State, County and D.C. operations.  Now that election fraud of crooked Hillary Clinton has ended its long overdue OBAMA, U.S. Congress members and many others are arrested and removed from office NOW!  Only more harm will continue to Americans lives over the next two months under Obama’s tyrannical DEFACTO sham before TRUMP comes into office.

Obama wants to talk about good faith, maybe he should be an authority instead of an actor for once in his pathetic life.  Obama has chosen for 8 years to terrorize, violate and victimize Americans in U.S. Courts, stolen millions of homes in the biggest fraudulent land grab, destroyed greatly disaster victims lives plus stole all tax dollars for bogus government operations. NO U.S. Politician represents any American, all Honest Service Fraud. NO American crime victim receives any support from the failed DEFACTO government Obama represents. HALT ALL FORECLOSURES NOW!

The best legacy of crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton are their reigns of terror over thirty years along with the two Bush Administrations. Obama’s best legacy is his never-ending need to hear his own voice and usurp mainstream media with his own theatrics.  Obama and The U.S. Military disrespect millions of Americans violated and held hostage in treasonous U.S. Court torture house gulags daily, besides all the countless Americans victimized daily from government TREASON. SHUTDOWN U.S. COURTS, millions of families command their FREEDOM. That’s more important than Obama theatrics and the whole charade.

Nothing has truly changed during the 2016 Election Fraud season since crooks still paraded themselves around in the election process.  Election fraud is rampant, the same money-grubbing DEFACTO political beggars operate under a broken shambles of a Democratic/Republican system of bullshit traitors.  Some truth on some topics was touched upon but that’s about it.  A new President was elected and thank heavens it wasn’t crooked Hillary but the DEFACTO government continues.  Crooks such as 2013 Election fraudster Governor Chris Christie allowed to first run for President and then assist in Trumps transition team was such a treasonous joke. Finally Christie was ousted from Trumps campaign, etc. but his crimes are heinous as are many other treasonous U.S. Politicians. NO CHANGE for Americans at all.

I laugh at those that believe TRUMP isn’t a good person because of comments made.  At least TRUMP is more honest than Obama, Kamala Harris, Clinton and countless others who wear masks of liars, frauds, abuse their power, obstruct justice and are truly evil.  Many U.S. Politicians are sociopaths and psychopaths, some appear decent but many are sadistic demons that hide behind masks of evil for their own agenda. EVIL RESIDES CAUSE NO AUTHORITY EXISTS!

Facebook aids government political collusion and spying to interfere with free press, supports election fraud comments to sway voters, etc. Facebook has poor ethics and violates an individuals rights; especially victims that are aware a politician violates their and others rights and they are a lying fraud. Facebook is a corporation that NO ONE should TRUST.  But then NO ONE in any Government operation deserves the TRUST from any American. Presently The U.S. Government and Facebook shut my own Facebook down. Why? To cover-up my Facebook comments to election fraudster Attorney General Kamala Harris, Governor Jerry Brown or the terrorists running Ulster County, New York. The State of New York has NO leadership other than organized crime and terrorism running all operations with top traitor terrorist Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer besides many others. The failed U.S. Military refuses to defend the American people and our Republic. It means they have to admit they failed ALL AMERICANS, OUR REPUBLIC & WORLD NATIONS!


Newer California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has NO guts and shows he takes NO authority to defend and protect California residents since he aided election fraud of Attorney General Kamala Harris in her 2016 Senate run. Padilla was requested to provide an authority to resolve my matters but so far he revealed NO leadership. Typical responses for these criminally insane political stooges and vipers. Harris aided election fraud of Governor Jerry Brown, Feinstein, Boxer, Eshoo, Speier, Pelosi and countless other crooked politicians, judges, attorneys, etc. The Secretary of State office is another broken shambles traitor operation in California. ALL STATE OPERATIONS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ALONG WITH ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS! ARREST YOUR OWN CROOKS, ETC.

Harris and Brown have violated my life personally as a Fraud on the Court crime victim for over eight years and they aided massive harm to California residents. Cover-ups are for cowards! They aid crooks and terrorists on their own payrolls same in New York, etc. NO LEADERSHIP IN THIS TRAITOR NATION! EXPOSE EVIL THIEVING TRAITORS & TYRANTS! HONEST SERVICE FRAUD!










I am very saddened by the death of Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and humanitarian. I’ve written countless people in the U.S. about the tragic corruption, injustices and trauma occurring in U.S. Courts. Elie Wiesel was the only person to write me back a hand written letter which reflected his concern about causing needless harm and suffering to individuals, to which I completely agree. This correspondence was around mid-2007 when I first began taking up issues for Congressional Hearings plus made a short film which was sent to all U.S. Judiciary members and others in government about these rights violating abuses as under the U.S. Constitution especially the trauma, etc. After the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and his personal self lost funds in the Madoff scheme I wrote him again about the injustice, Court corruption etc. and he responded back again. Back in 2007 I still didn’t understand the depth of Treason and Traitor Usurped DEFACTO Nation in existence plus the magnitude of the American Holocaust that exists especially in U.S. Courts which are crimes against humanity and genocide. Gas chambers are now replaced with mass trauma and abuse of power as weapons of choice. Millions of homes stolen in fraudulent foreclosures, harm to disaster victims with severe 4th Amendment violations, etc. Millions of American families lives harmed and destroyed with children kidnapped and parental rights violated., countless victims exist. It’s tragic this July 4, 2016 the same crooks and terrorists on the government payrolls are NOT arrested and the election fraud epidemic continues. RESTORE FREEDOMS, RIGHTS, JUSTICE and OUR AMERICAN REPUBLIC as UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. SHUT DOWN THIS TRAITOR GOVERNMENT & FREE ALL AMERICANS, ESPECIALLY COURT CORRUPTION VICTIMS! R.I.P – Elie Wiesel including all those whom died in the U.S. & World Nations from tragic Holocaust treasonous events. Plus in Honor to all the living survivor victims. LONG OVERDUE FOR A JURISDICTION OF HUMANITY & TRUTH! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Fannie Mae defaulted in 2008 and should never have been resurrected to steal more homes unlawfully in fraudulent foreclosures.  Their stock price fell below $1.00 today January 20, 2016 it’s long overdue these crooked bunch of lowlifes are bankrupted and ousted once and for all with their stock delisted. Some history of Fannie Mae is at the end of this article.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was the  Secretary of “HUD” under the Clinton Administration from 1997 to 2001.  “During Cuomo’s tenure as HUD Secretary, he called for an increase in home ownership.[12] He also pushed government-sponsored lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy more home loans issued to poor homeowners, in an attempt to end discrimination against minorities.[13] Some believe that this helped lead to the current subprime mortgage crisis.[8][12][14] Edward J. Pinto, former chief credit officer at Fannie Mae, said “they should have known the risks were large. Cuomo was pushing mortgage bankers to make loans and basically saying you have to offer a loan to everybody.”[   Quotation from Wikipedia

Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were federally taken over in 2008 during the banking financial debacle plus they were placed in a government conservatorship by the U.S. Treasury.  Governor Andrew Cuomo  aided immense corruption and crimes of the banks and Federal Reserve.  Cuomo could have taken jurisdiction to halt these corporate bank crimes but instead he aided them.  Cuomo’s a treasonous looter whose stolen private property for the State of New York and aided theft for other states in both his positions as Attorney General and Governor, he deserves to be arrested for these heinous crimes.  The harm to New Yorkers and all American families is off the charts plus he aided immense corruption in the U.S. Courts.

In 2015, I personally encountered  treasonous crooked claim jumper Fannie Mae in attempts to steal my own private property.  The terrorism perpetrated in this crime is off the charts.   I expressed my outrage with Fannie Mae’s Audit Committee and Board, plus CEO Timothy J. Mayopoulos.  Their perpetrated crimes in a money laundering scheme by Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates with Auto Factors, a New York State Tax fraud monetization scheme with Peter Sparagna  for crooked Governor Andrew Cuomo’s coffers besides other crimes.  The magnitude of 4th Amendment Rights violations to alter my identity were aided by crooked Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack, Ulster Supreme Court  Judge Gilpatric and Ulster County Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Civil Officer McGovern.

In 2008, under Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum’s office, Chief Civil Officer Donald Ryan served felony charges against Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack and three other individuals whom attempted to alter my identity the first time. This same scheme uses a judgment of Cheryl B. Kennedy, whose not me and James Byrd that have a 2006 judgment on file at the Ulster County Clerk’s office.  The entities used in this scheme are noted in their 2006  judgment and now Ulster County crooks have attempted to cover-up that 2006 judgment.

The exact same crime was initially attempted in 2008 and it was halted in 2009 by Albany/Ulster Supreme Court Judge Gerald Connolly, another crook whom attempted to alter my identity for months.  To cover-up their own crimes Judge Gerald Connolly attempted to terminate my counter lawsuit against them and others, now this same crime occurred in 2015.   Postupack and Ulster County were sued in 2008, ex-County Attorney Joshua Koplovitz lost his job over the first crime and he came in the back door for this 2nd crime with Attorney Ariel Futerfas his law partners daughter.  This matter was never resolved plus Ulster County’s own insurance company Network Adjusters wouldn’t cover such a heinous crime by the Head Ulster County Clerk plus they dumped Ulster’s coverage.  Ulster County Attorney Beatrice Havranek, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, even Governor Andrew Cuomo and others plus the Fed’s heinously violated me for years as injustice reigns.  Cuomo aided the crimes of all bankers, especially CEO Jaime Dimon whom I also sued in 2008 because JP Morgan Chase refused to accept mortgage payments to force a foreclosure.  Safeguard Properties began to commit criminal trespass/break-ins when NO foreclosure existed. This crime came to Ulster/Albany Supreme Courts from San Mateo Superior Court in California where major organized crime  exists and I received a fraud ruling against Attorney Eileen Avila in 2008.   The second identity theft scheme was plotted and planned between 2013 to 2015 with old and new crooks to aid Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae was notified in 2015 they were sued that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Assemblyman Carl Heastie were served since Postupack refused to file my Ulster County Supreme Court responses.  Fannie Mae was informed they better prepare their employees for permanent unemployment to bankrupt and default them for good.   My private property was taken back and my claim is literally staked in the grounds for years too.  I WILL NOT tolerate any further 4th Amendment infringement by anyone, Sheriff  Paul Van Blarcum better return my personal stolen belongings.  Maybe someone should learn how to arrest the criminals on government payrolls, U.S Military, etc.  Ulster County Government is so out of control along with all County & State Governments.   Fannie Mae colludes with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, “HUD” to steal private property they are another criminal enterprise that must be bankrupted.  Time the U.S. Government gets out of the fraud, home building and stealing business to terrorize, impoverish and destroy American families lives.

The Federal National Mortgage Association also known as Fannie Mae was founded during the Great Depression and implemented under the New Deal by Franklin D. Rossevelt in 1938.  This government sponsored enterprise is a major component of the mortgage backed securities for lending purposes. Fannie Mae was a fraud before they defaulted in 2008 and they will always be a fraudulent looter.  It’s brother Federal Home Loan Mortgage also known as Freddie Mac has equally been involved with mortgage crimes.


P.S. -Yes, Iberdrola Spain purchased NYSEG in 2008 and crooked Senator Charles Schumer, a major traitor brokered the deal.  Iberdrola Spain took over varied segments of U.S. energy in 22 States, so add in 21 other crooked politicians which fostered electrical terrorism. I encountered NYSEG involved with breaking and entering of my New York private property which  tied to entities I sued namely JP Morgan Chase and Safeguard Properties in 2008.  This also relates to an unlawful easement by Verizon.  Crooked Schumer and Ulster County  Executive Mike Hein brokered a deal between Central Hudson Gas & Electric to Canadian Fortis Inc. in 2013.

**Added in for someone that was looking for information on this topic, sorry I don’t write that often as of late.



NY Sheriff Association,

You are to contact every Sheriff in the State of NY and the heads of Sheriff Associations in other States so they can contact their Sheriffs. Effective Veterans Day 11/11/15, every Sheriff Dept. will be a Constitutional Sheriff’s Dept. Sheriff Mack whom is leading the Constitutional Sheriffs movement will also be notified.

It’s a repulsive disgrace that the Sheriff’s Departments were intentionally broken down to become nothing but a bunch of unlawful organized crime thieving bunch of home and property stealing thugs to aid attorneys, judges, bankers, mafia and government operations, etc. These heinous acts to destroy American families lives must end. American’s are truly living in the wild west, the 2nd Amendment as under the U.S. Constitution stands, not crooked Cuomo’s fraudulent NYS Safe Act. This immense land grab and crime spree in history was to destroy and aid usurped powers plus both domestic and foreign terrorism. All State, County and Capitals in government plus D.C. are major crime scenes especially in U.S. Courts which aided an American Holocaust against the American people all for GREED.

The Sheriff’s Dept. is supposed to be the MOST LAWFUL enforcement agency and it is restored NOW on Veteran’s Day 11/11/15. Sheriffs better honor their badges and the American peoples trust. Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum has been requested to contact NY Attorney General Schneiderman directly to inform him in NY. In addition, ALL FORECLOSURES & SALES ARE OFFICIALLY HALTED. Any Sheriff, deputy, etc. caught with their hand in the cookie jar will be arrested. All Sheriffs and deputies, etc. are hereby immediately granted JURISDICTION as lawful Constitutional Sheriff’s on Veterans Day 11/11/15. TAKE JURISDICTION! Many attorneys and others will be arrested too!

The Fed’s are attached in this message and its long overdue that OBAMA & the U.S. Military get the message all DEFACTO operations better CEASE & DESIST. RESTORE THIS AMERICAN REPUBLIC!

Thank you,
Cheryl A. Kennedy, Sui Juris
American National
Rights Activist & Corruption Freedom Fighter


This GAG ORDER is hereby filed as noted in the above statement with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission effective 10/14/15 and it hereby granted due to countless American’s victimized from crimes of high treason and NO lawful authority in existence accept WE THE PEOPLE!

To: FCC Commissioners –,,, mike.o’ –
FCC Complaint – FTC:

INITIAL COMPLAINT REFERENCE: #58748109 – Greg Roberts of Families Civil Liberties Union at filed by Cheryl A. Kennedy on 1/25/15 and Federal Communication Complaint 3/15

Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission members it is absolutely repulsive that not one of you has taken any authority whatsoever to reign in the collusion between mainstream media and the corruption of the DEFACTO State and Federal Government Election & Honest Service Fraud which violates all Americans rights as under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Disinformation, propaganda and NO Freedom of the Press exist.

An American Holocaust to harm American families’ lives was aided and created by these specifics which are grounds for high treason and your own arrests plus those of many mainstream media executives, etc. The U.S. Military and President Obama better STOP THE BULL and make ARRESTS!

The continual election promotion of many political criminals, deceitful liars, acts of fraud and other crimes are acts of high treason. These crimes against American families reveal the extent of mainstream media’s own corporate crimes plus aids harm to American family victims in U.S. Courts, foreclosures, disaster victims and other countless victims. These crimes violate Americans rights, laws and lives as under the U.S. Constitution from the rampant internal U.S. Government terrorism that exists.

Tomorrow 10/15/15, every media station in New Jersey should attend The Family Court Fraud Rally at 2:00 pm. State and Canal Streets in Trenton, NJ. This event is sponsored by the Families Civil Liberties Union. A large billboard is posted there which states: STOP THE CORRUPTION! KIDS TAKEN! PARENTS ABUSED! LIVES DESTROYED FOREVER!

Mainstream media appears to hate and despise American families and prefers to aid an American Holocaust to collude with States and the Federal Government. Promoting fraud, election & honest service fraud, deceit and cover-ups must end. I hope all Americans will shut down televisions and newspapers if this continues another day. FTC & FCC you all better make sure the event receives major mainstream media coverage. Mainstream media’s promote to cover-up crimes by crooked Governor Chris Christie even to aid his fraudulent Presidential election is beyond deplorable. Russ Zimmer of Asbury Park Press will receive this notice for his bosses at Gannett since they refuse to expose specifics of Christies Hurricane Sandy victims and workers plus Court crimes. First Amendment violations were personally filed by me against the Asbury Park Press/Gannett related to Governor Christie. These are hate crimes and genocidal crimes against humanity to harm and destroy the lives of American families, FTC & FCC.

This past Sunday’s 10/11/15 60 Minutes interview once again of President Obama’s lies, deception and fraud plus his fraudulent begging for dollars campaign finance sham must end. NO U.S. Politician represents any American, NO JURISDICTIONAL JOKES!

Many mainstream media news stations such as Fox News, MSNBC, Dateline, CNN the list goes on and on aided Obama’s election fraud in 2012 and countless other election fraud campaigns. This GAG ORDER is hereby granted to block against lies, any type of fraud and crimes by President Obama and any and all other U.S. Politicians at the State and Federal Government level. Cover-ups by both mainstream media and U.S. Politicians are serious criminal acts. Since 2008 and before that I’ve personally had my Constitutional rights denied for years especially since my subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown to a Court fraud crime. Brown has committed election fraud twice to be Governor in The State of California, deplorable.

Constitutional rights violating politician Attorney General Kamala “The Shamster” Harris in California just sent me a campaign notice for her Senator election with the question, what inspires me? Is she for real? She personally violates my rights and life daily. My best response to what inspires me is to shove her sham and others noted in this letter shams right into their faces, same to you FTC & FCC. JUSTICE INSPIRES ME HARRIS!

In the State of New York, I just came down on election fraud of Ulster County Executive, Mike Hein and others especially with media in the Daily Freeman.



Thank you,
Cheryl A. Kennedy
Rights Activist, Corruption Freedom Fighter and Whistleblower

**This letter will be sent to parties noted or anyone plus will be publicized.


Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, your election fraud is equivalent to Honest Service Fraud as is the same for Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack, Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright plus any Ulster County Legislator aware of the crimes I discuss covered-up during their own elections. Recently ousted though not publicly disclosed Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum is also charged with election fraud. The crimes, cover-ups and deception to Ulster County residents plus all New Yorkers even perpetrated by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman, judges, attorneys, County Attorney Beatrice Havranek, the Ulster County & New York Legislature, other employees and mainstream media the list goes on and on. HALT ALL ULSTER COUNTY ELECTIONS EVEN THE FRAUDULENT D.C. ELECTIONS!

More may be disclosed about my ousting of Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum in another letter due the recent second same identity theft plus altering of my identity, money-laundering, State of NY tax and/or monetization scheme to steal my private property which was declared in 2008 to be held as restricted allodial land after the first crime aided by the crooks on the Ulster County payroll paid for by Ulster County Executive Mike Hein.

What I find most interesting soon to be ex-Ulster County Executive Mike Hein in Chapter 44 of the Ulster County, NY Ethics and Disclosures, Section 44-8 Board of Ethics #9 it states the following: “Prior to January 1, 2009, any Board of Ethic member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the County Legislature for failure to fulfill the duties of the office or for the violation of this chapter and shall be given written notice and an opportunity to be heard. After January 1, 2009 members shall serve at the pleasure of the County Executive and may be removed from office by the County Executive at his or her discretion.”

Mike Hein, you and County Attorney Beatrice Havranek have known me for years due to the Fed’s involvement with this crime which came to the Ulster County Supreme Court from crimes at San Mateo Superior Court in California. Ethics, I’ve yet to see anyone with any ethics most of all NO ethics by you Mike Hein. In fact Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum contacted me on 9/25/15 that he was ousted after my direct order to newly appointed Sheriff Michael Freer. I’m grateful that Sheriff Michael Freer took authority since brains are hard to find on your payroll Mike Hein. All CPS stealing of children and false allegation ends NOW even with Kingston police, etc. Oust many crooked CPS workers off the payroll, Hein and return unlawfully stolen children from foster care/adoption schemes that utilize Title IV-E Funding for Court crimes.

Further ethical violations will be noted about you Mike Hein at the end of this letter. So, who made you king of Ulster County ethics? Mike Hein you’re fully aware the Daily Freeman was recently sued by me along with you and many others, so neither you nor any of your staff can lawfully provide election fraud interviews or debates with Terry Bernardo whose running against you in the November 2015 election. NO MORE FRAUDULENT NEWS! Mike Hein you’re also aware I appointed Terry Bernardo to replace you without an election. NO ONE has any lawful authority to block my Court filings, NO ONE, especially due to the magnitude of those involved in these crimes. These lawsuit responses were served to Attorney General Schneiderman & Assemblyman Heastie and now it will be served to the Daily Freeman plus they will receive an email of this letter, along with you, Havranek, Ulster Legislatures, Sheriff Freer and others.

Rondout Legal Services on 8/19/15 served my responses in existing lawsuits which were originally filed in 2008 on the Ulster Supreme Court docket. Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack attempted to block and refuse my court filings which resulted in those lawsuit documents being returned back to her with mail fraud charges. Obstruction of Justice, abuse or power, plus rights violations under the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th amendments of the U.S. Constitution by many employees exists as do many other crimes. Postupack has no lawful right nor does anyone on the Ulster County of State of New York payrolls to block the filing of my lawsuit responses. Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack and Ulster County were sued by me in 2008, to halt the first criminal acts plus my rights to due process were violated even against other criminals in this matter. In my initial counter lawsuit, Jaime Dimon/JP Morgan Chase aka as Chase Home Finance, Safeguard Properties, Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates and varied attorneys were sued right alongside Postupack/Ulster County. Is this just an attempt to not disclose that I now sued the State of New York for $20 billion plus the old and new crooks $45 billion to make this counter lawsuit $65 billion in total. These sums are massive for the organized crime, corruption, criminal conspiracy, terrorism and the morons running Ulster County operations and the State of New York up to the level of Governor Andrew Cuomo, a bunch of NO Jurisdictional Jackasses. NO ONE has been a truthful lawful authority, whatsoever.

Ulster County Attorney Joshua Koplovitz brought in Network Adjusters in and around 12/08 to settle the crimes in my case but they DID NOT cover such outrageous crimes. Ulster/Albany Judge Gerald Connolly also attempted for months to pass off these schemes. Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, you became king of ethics right at the same time why? More is tied into this same time period noted from Mike Wendel’s actions with Network Adjusters which notes Markel Insurance Indemnified Ulster County from 2/1/06 to 2/1/09. Why wasn’t my claim settled then? Did they drop your insurance due to my claims? Soon thereafter Koplovitz was ousted and Havranek took over his position as County Attorney plus you all attempted to dismiss my Court cases off the docket, a docket with altered false and now missing information by your den of crooks. This cover-up incriminates Cuomo while acting as Attorney General to aid Jaime Dimon/JP Morgan Chase crimes along with all the other crooks named. Mike Hein, you and County Attorney Beatrice Havranek hired Maynard, O’Connor, Smith & Catalinotto to defend Ulster County employees in May 1, 2014 related to Mike Wendel’s claims whereby residents of Wawarsing, NY sustained damage to homes from the aqueduct disaster, plus he uncovered corruption by your employees. This time frame corresponds to the latest crimes I encountered in 2014 and 2015 from your corrupt offices. Is that law firm involved with my claims but I haven’t been notified or other Court crime victims? Should all Ulster County victims contact them for settlements? GET YOUR MASSIVE SETTLEMENTS ON THE TABLE ULSTER COUNTY & STATE OF NEW YORK!

Is any of this information public knowledge? Do any of you have BONDING? You all committed election fraud with your own cover-ups and allowed Ulster County residents greater harm from Ulster County and the New York State Governments corruption. Every single meeting when Ulster County Attorney Beatrice Havranek, a County Attorney or any of you spoke falsely and unethically about NO litigation at Ulster County Legislature meetings you all defrauded the public, the American people. You’re all a repulsive disgrace violating the NY Constitution and Public Officers Law along with violations of the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land that exists, the Bill of Rights.

In 2008, I encountered pull the puppet string stooges on the Ulster payroll along with Breach of Fiduciary duty by Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack and Alice Lawlis, plus Ulster County Supreme Court Clerk Claudia Jones and D. Brewster whom were later served with criminal charges from Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum’s office by Chief Civil Officer Donald Ryan. Many more Ulster employees would have been added into the charges but I didn’t have their full names. District Attorney Holley Carnright couldn’t care at all he aided the crimes even in other victim cases. It is unreal the amount of criminal employees in Ulster County who’ve attempted to pass off identity theft and aid other crimes and crooks in this scheme which utilizes a 2006 judgment of Cheryl B. Kennedy and James Byrd tied to Auto Factors and The NY State Tax and Finance Dept. Peter Sparagna named as the 2008 Cuomo’s Real Property Moreland Steal Moreland crook none of them had any relationship to me. PATHETIC DESPERATION!

The 2014 and 2015 plotted Court crime which utilized the same 2006 judgment again with Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack’s stamps signing off on criminals fraudulent documents whereby I’ve been stalked, harassed and had sabotage at my private property and homes since late 2012 when NYSEG became part of the scheme is unreal, severe 4th Amendment violations. Attorney Ariel Futerfas, Koplovitz’s back door law partners daughter is a crook. This validates that Governor Andrew Cuomo is violating the 2nd Amendment with his NY Safe Act, when NO AMERICAN in the State of New York is safe from the criminals, terrorists and organized crime running all aspects of New York Government to aid the crooked Bar Associations, Bankers, Federal Reserve and the crooks running U.S. Courts, County and State Governments plus unlawful usurped DEFACTO operations, this goes for D.C. too! INJUSTICE & COVER-UPS REIGN!

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein you were aware in 2012 and 2013 that NYSEG committed espionage plus authorized break-ins with JP Morgan Chase and Safeguard Properties along with County Attorney Beatrice Havranek. Other acts of collusion exist with NYSEG from your offices. Further harms, violations and crimes continued due to your refusal to settle the matter. NYSEG’s sale to Iberdrola Spain is a National Security Breach by crooked treasonous Senator Charles Schumer. Ethics, Mike Hein you have none as you equally aided the sale of the Central Hudson Electrical Co. to Fortis Energy a Canadian/British Co. with Senator Charles Schumer. Who the hell are you to be brokering such treasonous unethical foreign deals, plus they were aided by Cuomo and Schneiderman? Nevertheless aid treasonous countless foreclosure frauds, rights violations to children and families especially from corrupt CPS, family law and organized crime, etc. These are crimes against humanity and absolute insanity many Ulster County crime victims are done with this BULL even the Ulster County Tri-State Coalition for Family Court & CPS Reform. Obviously, the big rig truck parked along the NY State Thruway close to Kingston which read FRAUD KILLS was ignored. Meanwhile New York victims are brutalized, terrorized and traumatized while crimes escalate because NO ONE is in any authority. Since your all unlawful, usurped crooks I and WE THE PEOPLE are the authorities against this tyrannical treason plus cruel and unusual punishment which is purely criminal insanity. Your days screwing with me and other victims ENDS NOW!

Ethics, What Ethics? There isn’t one damn crooked bastard on the payroll in Ulster County and the Ulster County or New York Legislature or in the Governor or Attorney General’s office that deserves to be in their position, many deserve to be arrested.

In addition, I seek the Shandaken Government be shutdown in entirety. Rob Stanley will commit election fraud as will everyone in that government since he already chose to collude in this 2015 crime plus Richie Stokes role is questionable as an alleged stalker too. Stokes was seen on my private property with another local woman, the Ulster County Sheriff’s Dept. and The Shandaken police during the 2015 unlawful crime, a good ole buddy plus once paid staffer of Rob Stanley’s.

Since Dave Channon seeks to run for tax assessor in Shandaken I appoint him as the new Ulster County Clerk. Rent Wars are historical events in New York from many years ago. Why is anyone paying for a bunch of government crooks and terrorists on the payrolls? It’s long overdue that Ulster County residents are the first County to take back their deeds out of the crooked Ulster County Clerk’s Office plus all families deeds are declared and granted to be held as land patents in restricted allodial title. It is a total fraud that private property owners and home ownership is taxed to pay for children’s education especially when a family has no children in any school. Changes must made to the Board of Education and their own criminal acts, the school tab should be paid for by the State or Federal Government with NO COMMON CORE and education based on history and rights as under the U.S. Constitution, etc. until remedied with parents involved in the education taught. Changes must be made to the Board of Education and all taxation.

Donald Trump years ago requested with the Dutch to NOT pay property tax on a building in NYC. How many years were New Yorkers property taxes money laundered to the Dutch and whomever else? Money laundering and NY State tax and monetization schemes are rampant the same in all State Governments due to DEFACTO operations.

1st Amendment rights are violated in Ulster County media and mainstream media. Do further charges need to be filed against you Ulster County Executive Mike Hein? TRUTH, JUSTICE, & ARRESTS are warranted along with SETTLEMENTS to those victimized by Ulster County corruption and throughout the whole shambles of this failed American Republic.


Cheryl A. Kennedy, Sui Juris

**This letter will be publicized and sent to many Ulster County residents